About Me

I’m a copywriter, graphics designer and web designer. This is a first time for me, especially as master of my own “blog universe”. I was inspired by my friend WC (writerchick.wordpress.com) who encouraged me to get started. And I’m really glad I did!

I started keeping a journal when living with my dad who is suffering from dementia. Dad’s country doctor didn’t want to pursue diagnosing whether Dad had Alzheimer’s. He decided not to put a medical label his mental decline and preferred to call it “old age”. That was fine by me given the disdain my dad had cultivated for the medical profession throughout the years, and particularly in his older age as he had became increasingly skeptical about many aspects of life.

My journal has provided an outlet for my confusion and my roller coaster of emotions  regarding my dad’s “old age”. Truly, being able to laugh provided the comic relief I needed to preserve my sanity. I mean, take a middle aged woman, with raging hormones, who is continually asking if the room is hot, or if it’s just her. Now pair that up with a feisty old man in his eighties suffering from dementia, and you really do have quite the winning combination. Wouldn’t you say?

I love writing. I love reading great books. Some of my favorite authors include: Ann Rice, Robert Heinlein, Ernest Hemmingway, Ayn Rand, Arthur Miller, and the list goes on.

I live in L.A. My father lives in Alabama. That in and of itself has proved problematic.

You’re welcome to share your views, your comments, your humor and tragedy on my blog. But please be kind, or you may find your post deleted. I’m a bit enamored with the idea of wiping out malicious remarks with a keystroke. Call it a god complex or whatever you like–that’s cool!

You may also send emails if you don’t want to publicly post.

Pop’s Girl

9 Responses to “About Me”

  1. popsgirl Says:
  2. writerchick Says:

    Nice Intro, PG!

    You mentioned emailing you privately, but I can’t find your email address on the blog. Did I miss it?

    BTW, are you ready for the intro post? Let me know.

  3. Denise A. Valenti Says:

    What fun…

    I am not “old”, but I bomb around on an electric scooter. I LOVE the cartoons. I can relate to a lot of this as I have a disease that has created anoxic periods so ….

    I went into the site as I am writing a lecture for medical/social workers on cognition and found your site…cartoons.

    What a nice light view of the world. I have not “read” much of it. I was too busy entertaining myself with the funnies.

    Thank you for your attitude and sharing it with the world.

  4. Jlin Says:


    Just wanted to say cool tribute to your dad. I’m just an optometry student who randomly ran into this page while researching some project.

    Take care,

  5. Popsgirl Says:

    Denise – Thanks for posting your comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the funnies and the blog.
    ~ Popsgirl

    Jlin – Thanks so much J. He would have liked to know that an optometry student came across this blog and read his story. It would have made him smile to think about someone starting out in his profession.
    ~ Popsgirl

  6. Anthony Says:

    Hi there, for someone who just started, your doing real well, your DAD would be proud I bet? I have just start a business building wheelchair accessible caravan (towable trailers) and like you a graphic designer, just started my first webpage and was looking for images for the liks page, I hope I can use the cartoon image? if not please let me know.
    Regards Anthony.
    PS: great site, keep up the good work.

  7. WmGH Says:

    Well done on the web site. Condolences. Blessings in all things.

  8. haimson4 Says:

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  9. grazor Says:

    As a PT working in a rehab facility with a “memory care unit” as well as seeing my father get older and having to intervene due to his memory, your blog struck a chord with me. Thanks for sharing.

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